Earth-Jørn hybrid specialisations

Originally designed for a particular purpose, every species of Earth-Jørn hybrid can still be classified not just as a strider or flyer (and their attendant sub-categories) but also by their job/specialisation.


Note that a species specialisation is independent of its classification as either a strider or flyer, and that while a species can be suited to many purposes, it is usually ideally suited to just one.


Fast and agile, scouts were designed to be intelligent animals capable of independent thought and action while remaining loyal to their handler. These same traits can make them difficult to work with for handlers who are inexperienced or unconfident.

The first scouts were created to accompany Riders on the surface to scout ahead, relay important information and map the terrain.

Most scout species are flyers. They include the linch-adder and oad-hawk.


Versatile and hardy, an explorer’s primary attribute is their ability to adapt to  any situation or environment, and survive. Most explorer species are inquisitive, athletic striders, capable of going long distances and defending themselves against large predators.

Explorer species include ruc-pards, toa-mares and sterdanes.


Guardians are fierce, predatory and loyal. Large and small, they are defined by their ability to defend a person, object and/or location. 

Dober-shepherds, used mostly by police, are the most common guardian species.


Large, strong and hardy, haulers are beasts of burden, designed to move cargo from one location to another. Although still common in ground side installations, they have been replaced by motorized transport in the cities.

Hauler species include cow-ocs.

Search and rescue

The search and rescue species are the most specialised. As a type, they are calm and highly intelligent with exceptional sight, hearing and sense of smell. Many of them hear and see in ranges far beyond that of humans and even other hybrids.

Sternards are the most successful of this type.


Like scouts, racers are built for speed and agility, but without the same demand for independence and intelligence. The racer specialisation is the most recent, spurred on by sports such as barrier racing.

Doe-ocs are a popular species of racer.

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