“The first barrier is coming up.”

On the inside of her helmet, the view changed, a diagram of a semi-transparent wall, a round hole in its centre, overlaying the skybridge. “What is it?”

“A modified shock skin. You have to jump through the hole.”

“I thought this was meant to be hard?”

“It is.” The feed from Harish’s harness grew large on her holo-screen, and she saw a flurry-thyt hunched over a switch. “Unless the switch is down, there is no hole.” An oad-hawk knocked the ‘thyt from its perch, and a doe-oc slammed into the space where the hole had been. “But don’t worry, Harish knows what he’s doing.”


Classification: Light strider.
Specialisation(s): Racer.
Breeding Status: Currently being bred outside of the Farm’s program.

Weight: 300–500kg
Height (at shoulder): 140–170cm
Genetic combination: Deer (Terran), ocupline (Jørn)

More info

A variant on the disastrous doe-rahm, the doe-oc has become popular among barrier racers. Renowned for it’s speed and agility, it is ideally suited to the sport but, with the same vulnerability to the Pollen as it’s predecessor, is not viable for ground side work details.

The first companion species to be engineered outside of the Farm, the doe-oc represents a new era in companion breeding. While the P’Tember stud, who produced the very first doe-oc, continues to be the leader in non-Farm breeding, several other studs have sprung up in its wake.

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