Cumulus City

Surrounded by its sprawling mass of satellite ‘burbs, Cumulus City rose thirty thousand feet through the atmosphere, an endless patchwork of grey and green connected by the silver threads of bridges and the restless movement of the skylanes.

One of the five human cities on Jørn, Cumulus City hovers 36 thousand feet above the Klone Ranges.

The youngest of the five cities, Cumulus City has a population of over 72 million –making it the second largest city after Sabre– supporting 24 percent of the total human population. Like the other cities it is kept afloat via magnetic levitation, powered by massive generators under the city and {{ DATA SCRUB – ACCESS RESTRICTED }}.

Cumulus City’s satellite suburbs, or ‘burbs, have sprung up around the main city over the last 200 years, taking the pressure of the growing population off the original infrastructure. The ‘burbs now support much of its agricultural and industrial needs, as well as providing extra living space.

The city itself is divided into six levels, listed below from the highest to the lowest. The higher the level, the more prestigious, expensive and desirous a place it is to live.

  • the Upper
  • the Horizon
  • the Grip
  • the Twilight
  • the Industrial
  • the Street
  • the Pipes

As well as these six levels, the city is divided into three rings, which spread outward from the centre of the city. They are:

  • the Core
  • the Middle city
  • the Outer city

This creates 18 sectors, including:

  • the Core Grip
  • Outer Upper city
  • the Middle Street

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