Industrial level

Sandwiched between the Twilight and Street levels, the Industrial is the second largest of the city’s levels.

For over a hundred years, before the mag-web made the satellite ‘burbs possible, the Industrial level was the heart of Cumulus City’s manufacturing and agriculture, supplying the city with all of its needs. Now it’s mostly deserted, occupied mostly by businesses that either cannot afford to move to the ‘burbs or require specialised equipment and/or premises.

In the last decade, moves to reclaim/repurpose the Industrial have been made by local zone Chiefs.

A massive nano-rail network runs through the Industrial level, its purpose to carry freight to the freight elevators stationed around the city. The nano-rail picks freight up from the huge industrial docking bays, which receive freight from the sky-trains that move goods between the cities. The network is overseen by the city’s AI, with a number of smaller, localised AIs handling the minutiae of shuttling freight to specific destinations.

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