Dr. Augusta Woolsey

The Librarian disappeared from the holo, replaced by an image of an older woman, black hair threaded with grey and frown lines sunk deep between her brows. “Doctor Augusta Woolsey–“

Hero raised her brows. “The Crackpot?”

“‘Brilliant although unconventional’ is what is recorded in her files. Along with creating some of the most powerful Earth-Jørn hybrids, Doctor Woolsey was instrumental in unlocking the specific genetic sequence that granted immunity to the Pollen. She was well-respected for her discoveries, until she proposed that humans, not just flora and fauna, should be granted the same immunity.”

Doctor Augusta Woolsey, a xeno-biologist, was among the first of the colonists to land on Jørn, at the age of 47.

She came from Earth with her extended family –two sisters, a brother, a brother-in-law and several nephews. Augusta herself never married, too engrossed in her work and later, in the effort to save the colony from the effects of the Pollen. She gained the respect of her peers and the community at large by being the first to create a successful Earth-Jørn hybrid, the wombacow.

‘The Crackpot’ was a moniker she earned at the age of 73, shortly after proposing a plan to make humans immune to the Pollen. By this time she had become a recluse, known for creating the most dangerous (but also the most effective) of the Earth-Jørn hybrids –such as the ruc-pard, roomal and slale-bear– by using the DNA of Jørn’s top predators, which many considered pure folly.

Augusta died in a lab accident at the age of 127, while working on {{ DATA SCRUB – ACCESS RESTRICTED }}.

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