A magnetic field generated by each of the human cities. It performs two functions:

  1. support the network of suburbs (‘burbs) that surround each of the five human cities
  2. enable the use of mag-lev (magnetic levitation) technology

The ‘burbs

The mag-web redistributes a portion of the magnetic energy that keeps the cities aloft through a network of relays that extend its range outwards. This has enabled humans to expand beyond the boundaries of the cities, establishing satellite suburbs for food production, industry and living space.

The two largest human cities, Cumulus City and Sabre, have found that the ‘burbs on the outer edges of their mag-webs lack the stability of those closer to the city proper. These outer ‘burbs are sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure and wind currents, and move anywhere from several centimeters to a hundred metres in any given direction. This instability makes them unsuitable for human habitation. Most are given over to agriculture and maintained by AI-controlled machinery.

Mag-lev technology

The field, which projects upwards, allows vehicles to use magnetic levitation to hover/fly. The field is strongest closer to the source (the base of the city) and weakens as it gets further away (the top of the city). Mag-lev technology has come a long way, and the levs on newer hovers are far more efficient than older models, enabling them to utilize the weaker field at the top of the city.

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