The Nets

With a few adjustments, and the addition of a little program she’d grown just for the occasion, she’d set the house’s AI to scouring not just the scattered sub-nets, but the prime-net as well…

Computer networking is segregated into a variety of networks, each with varying levels of access.

Everyone has access to the prime-net. It is the primary method for mass communication and includes access to the Planetary Library as well as news and mass media, with most household entertainment units using it to access content.

Data on the prime-net is heavily sanatised, with household and especially grown social AIs, regularly scouring it for data about their householders/owners. Unflattering data is often scrubbed and replaced.

Connected to the prime-nets, the sub-nets are access-restricted. Although most allow anyone to read them, very few allow unregistered individuals to alter data. Sub-nets most often belong to corporations, government bodies and community organisations.

The Planetary Library is Jørn’s largest sub-net.

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