The Rules

Here is a list of the ‘rules’ by which Jørn, and the surrounding universe, exists.

Universal basics

The Jørn universe is an extrapolation of real world Earth.

  • Creation or evolution? Evolution
  • Does the universe have to end? Eventually, after a billion-trillion years.
  • Does magic exist? No
  • Are any religious deities real? No
  • Other dimensions? Undecided


A timeline of the Jørn universe is coming soon.

Jørn basics

The following are the basic rules for human civilisation on Jørn and its surrounding solar systems. See this entry for details regarding the planet.


  • Computing technology
    • Biological computers
    • Genetic programming
  • Artificial intelligence? Yes
    • Genderless, emotionless and bound by their core programming
  • Artificial life? No

Transportation technology

  • pre-The Hero Rebellion/Old Earth: Long-range interstellar
  • The Hero Rebellion: Global/planet-bound, but capable of space flight
    • Magnetic levitation, other hover tech, jet-propulsion, super sonic flight
  • Series 2: Short-range interstellar
    • Generation ships
    • Ships are built from a mix of biotechnology and human technology

Medical technology

  • Average human lifespan? 148-159 years
  • Genetic engineering? Common
    • Cultural bias has restricted the use of genetic engineering to curing diseases and treating/preventing birth defects
    • It is illegal to use genetic engineering to “design a baby”
  • Growing organs? Growing organs, limbs and other biological bits and pieces is common.
  • Biological regeneration? Standard, although reserved for severe medical cases
  • Nanotechnology? Standard
  • Human augmentation?
    • Minor augmentation is common, but restricted to technologies of convenience (e.g. communication and personal computing)
    • Major augmentation, in particular neural augmentation, is rare and is usually restricted to medical applications



  • Same-sex marriage? Common
  • Same-sex parents? Common
    • Medical technology allows same-sex couples to have children without the need for a surrogate or donor. Such children are grown in an artificial womb.

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