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The books, series and short stories that take place in, and around, the planet Jørn.

Hero (Book 1)

Hero: The Hero Rebellion, book 1
Hero doesn’t know she’s part of a centuries-old conspiracy to alter human evolution, until it screws up her plans to get a life.

Hero Regan is special, and not in a good way. She hears voices, voices that other people can’t. Insulated from the outside world, her only solace is Fink, a six-hundred-kilogram, genetically engineered ruc-pard. They share lives, thoughts, triple-chocolate marshmallow ice-cream and the burning desire for freedom.

Their chance comes when Hero is allowed to attend school in Cumulus City. Here, along with making unexpected friends and learning the ins and outs of illegal street racing, she discovers she’s part of a plan set into motion centuries ago. The plan, to alter human genetics, will change the world right down to its molecules, but whether it destroys the world or saves it is up to Hero. Either way, it’s something she must help or hinder if she’s ever to find the freedom she craves.