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A category of Earth-Jørn hybrid. All species of flyer are capable of flight and typically feature a large percentage of avian or insectoid genes in their makeup.

Most species of flyer are bred as pets or found in sports such as barrier racing.


Flyers are classified according to their:

  1. wingspan
  2. typical flight distance
  3. speed and agility


  • Midget
  • Small
  • Midi
  • Large

Typical flight distance

  • Short-distance
  • Long-distance

Speed and agility

  • Rocketeer
  • Cruiser


…to a girl with a linch-adder wrapped around her neck.

The ‘adder was easily the length of Hero’s arm, its breast covered in purple feathers that tapered into the yellow scales of its belly and a long, sinuous tail; it mantled its green wings and hissed at the sight of Fink.


Classification: Midi-flyer (short-distance Rocketeer).
Specialisation(s): Scout.
Breeding Status: On the program. Licenses for external breeding available.

Weight: 3-5kg
Height (at shoulder): 35-50cm
Length (nose to tip): 90-110cm
Wingspan: 100-130cm
Genetic combination: Adder (Terran), finch (Terran), linkal (Jørn)

More info

The linch-adder, or ‘adder, is a mid-sized flyer first engineered as a scouting companion for Riders.

Its loyalty and fearless disposition made it a popular companion animal for Riders and other personnel going ground side, where is was known to harry and drive off much larger animals. However, the ‘adder’s slow maturation, from hatchling to adult (eight years), and its difficultly to train, soon saw it replaced by faster growing and more biddable species, such as the oad-hawk.

The ‘adder remains popular among those looking for a more unusual companion animal as well a select few trainers and ground side personnel.