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The psionic ability to communicate ideas and thoughts mind-to-mind.

Before the colonisation of Jørn, human scientists could only theorise about the ability. The study of Jørn fauna, and certain Earth-Jørn hybrids such as the ruc-pard, has allowed them to make great strides in their understanding of telepathy.

Current theories suggest that the telepathic abilities of native fauna are directly linked to their immunity to the Pollen.

Although accepted that telepathy is common amongst Jørn fauna, no evidence of it has been found in humans, and even the possibility is derided in scientific circles.

The Pollen

Angus, the boy on the other side of Hero, interrupted. “How did the colonists know the cities would be safe?”

“They performed tests, which showed that the Pollen was confined to the lower levels of the atmosphere.” Mr Lee’s brows rose and fell with each word and his grin almost split his face when he pointed to Tis. “Yes, Ms Wolfe?”

“Is it true that it rots your brain?”

“Not exactly. Although it has a similar effect, the Pollen colonises the brain, to what end our scientists haven’t been able to tell, but they do suspect that it gives the native wildlife their telepathic abilities.”

The Pollen is an airborne microbe that permeates Jørn’s atmosphere. The atmosphere becomes more saturated the deeper in you travel. At the height the human cities are maintained, microbe saturation is minimal and poses no immediate danger to humans.


Although research suggests the Pollen is what gives the Jørn wildlife their telepathic abilities, the exact mechanics are not understood.