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Maintenance bug

Big and small, the hovers flowed around and over them. A shadow blotted out the light and she looked up to see a massive sky-train pass overhead, while a squadron of maintenance bugs, bubble-like domes with triangular wings, clung to the side of a tower.

A small, automated hover controlled by a city’s Maintenance AI, maintenance bugs (colloquially known as ‘bugs’) are equipped to handle the vast majority of a city’s repair works.

Built from a generic core, bugs are highly customisable and have a vast array of attachments, allowing them to be configured for any job, no matter how specialised. This customisation also allows for them to be reused and retasked, depending upon the Maintenance AI’s needs.


The hover was a black behemoth and shiny, so shiny she could see the Lamb reflected in its sides, staring after her, arms akimbo, her face still caught in frustration. Inside were leather seats, facing each other over an ocean of carpet. Above, the roof, opaque on the outside, was a transparent dome.

A short-distance vehicle that uses plasma propellers to fly. Although most commonly used as a passenger vehicle, this highly versatile craft has been adapted to other uses, resulting in specialised versions of the vehicle such as:

  • hover-barges
  • hover-sleds
  • mini-hovers.

Hovers are ill-suited to long-distance travel.

For long-distance vehicles, see airships. For long-distance haulage, see sky-train.