For awhile, it felt like theirs was the only hover in the world, but as they descended the traffic grew, until it was so thick above them she could barely see the sky.

It was then that the first of the skybridges came into view. The enclosed walkways–some three or four hovers wide and several storeys deep, others as delicate as a spideruck’s web–criss-crossed the spaces between buildings, forming narrow channels through which the traffic flowed.

An enclosed walkway between buildings, often spanning distances of 1-2 kilometers, with some–often found in a city’s lower levels–as short as a few hundred metres.

The record for the longest skybridge was set by the Koobi–Werb Bridge in Sabre’s Upper City. Built 18 years ago, it spans an 38.7-kilometre stretch between the Koobi and Werb United skytowers and is supported at serveral points by its own mag-lev generators.

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