Klone Ranges

The Klone Ranges are a chain of mountains stretching 4,800 kilometers along the Gundar Strait, on the west coast of Toine. Formed by the interaction of the tectonic plates under Toine and its neighboring landmass, Enolc, the ranges start deep beneath sea level, forming spectacular coastal cliffs and plateaux.

Among the mountains are a number of semi-dormant volcanos including Mts. Ecam, Adoy and Olos.

The tallest mountain in the range is Mt Biwan, with it’s peak measured at 8,924 metres above sea level. Situated on the southern end of the range, Mt Biwan, along with the neighboring Mts. Nikan and Madala, serve as anchor points for Cumulus City, holding it in place against the high winds that whistle down the strait.

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